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Lenni will make your characters come to life!  Whether through spoken word or song, giving voice to your vision is her mission!

Lenni has trained with VO heavyweight Elley-Ray Hennessy and Quinte area's actor/agent Peter Wood.
She has attended numerous workshops with VO professionals in animation, audiobooks, commercials and narration, including David Ferry, Ellen Dubin, Kim Handysides and Bryn McAuley.

Lenni will travel to your studio or can work from her
'Ice Hut Studio' in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Currently non-union.

VO Commerical Sample - Walker's Garage & Kinsip House

Walker's Garage
Kinsip House

Audiobook Narration - Excerpt from The Sea Gate, written by Jane Johnson

Accent - British RP

Character Notes: Rebecca, grieving loss of mother, is invited to eccentric aunt's seaside cottage and is accosted by childhood memories. 

The Sea Gate - excerpt narration

VO Character - 'Lauren McNair' singing As Time Goes By

Character Notes: ditzy in-house singer of a small-town radio station.

Judy Holliday meets Edith Bunker.

Excerpt from stage play 'Radio Suspense Theatre'

As Time Goes By (Lauren) Short Take
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