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'It was great working with you Lenni!'  Mickey Rooney

Lenni Stewart sings I Dreamed a Dream for Mickey Rooney concert 'Let's Put On A Show'

'Lenni is quickly becoming recognized as an amazing talent, having a distinctive vocal magic.  Her voice is beautiful, sensual and vibrant.' 

Sun Media CWN


'Bouquets for Lenni Stewart'

'I had the good fortune to attend the Active Arts Studio in Rednersville Saturday night.  Jazz Vocalist Lenni Stewart gave an amazing performance.  She put her own spin on some old favourites, and made them all great!  Her onstage banter with the audience and the band was witty and entertaining...We are very fortunate here in the County to have this calibre of talent!'

Lynn Toth, Audience Member


'(Let’s Put On A Show” with Mickey & Jan Rooney)… also featuring singers Lenni Stewart and Julian Gallo- their voices blended beautifully as heard in their music from Cats, The Merry Widow and Phantom of the Opera.'

Sun Media - East


'… Also appearing with the Rooneys were 2 Canadian singers, soprano Lenni Stewart and tenor Julian Gallo. They opened the evening with great singing and a wonderful rapport with the audience, setting a strong pace

for the Rooneys to follow, which they did.  We hope to see more entertainment of this caliber in Brampton soon'

Brampton Guardian

'Lenni Stewart draws her inspiration from the roller coaster emotions of life and love, her insightful lyrics slicing through to the heart of the matter.'

Janet Kellough, Author

'Stewart & Gallo have strong voices and did justice to the music they selected.  The audience in Brockville, Ontario, showed their approval after every song.'

Palladium Times, Oswego, NY


'Dear Lenni, working with you was a special treat for me and Mickey. I only wish we could have all gone out again and had fun performing for the wonderful people we so enjoyed in our Beloved Canada. I will never forget the kindness you showed me...want you to know just how truly grateful I am knowing you. God Bless, Love to you, Wally, Glady and your dear husband.'

Jan Rooney (wife of Mickey Rooney)

'Like a fine red wine, Lenni's sound is full, vibrant, smoky and sensual, and where a good vintage might carry hints of cherry or chocolate, her rich and velvety voice and style is reminiscent of the 20th century's best loved female jazz vocalists.' 

J.D. Carpenter, Author/Jazz Poet


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